Six “must reads” about information overload

If you want to get up to speed on information overload, what should you read first? Here are six of the best pieces I’ve encountered to date:

Meet the Lifehackers (New York Times Magazine, October 2005) — This is the article that got me started on the quest to quash information overload.

10 Proposals for Fixing the E-Mail Glut (New York Times Bits Blog, December 2009)

Be Heard, Understood and Remembered in an Overloaded Environment (Communication World, International Association of Business Communicators, July 2009)

E-mail’s Friendly Fire (Wall Street Journal)

Your Brain on Computers: Addicted to Technology and Paying a Price (New York Times, June 2010)

Recovering from Information Overload (McKinsey Quarterly, January 2011)

And a bonus article not included in the official six because you have to purchase it from HBR:

Death by Information Overload (Paul Hemp, Harvard Business Review, Sept. 2009)

That should get you grounded in the basics. I’ll suggest more recommended reading in the near future.


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